The Social Bookmarking Gig

So they’re paying people for social bookmarking on the interweb now. Jason Calacanis put out the call for the top contributors on Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Flickr and other socially driven content sites to come contribute to Netscape for $1,000/month. Dozens of people answered. Including myself. How did that happen?

I’ve been using digg for about a year. I started off lurking for some months, then registered in December 2005 and began heavily submitting in April 2006. I still remember the first front-pager I ever submitted. I was hooked after that.

It was not too long after that I realized why they called it “social” bookmarking. I started connecting with some amazing people who share my interests. This only hooked me more. I wanted to become the top-ranked digger just to meet more of kind and bright people. I was not let down by the time I became the top-ranked “recently active” digger.

Then Netscape showed up. I didn’t really think much of Netscape when the new beta launched. I thought their Anchors doing meta-journalism on popular articles was a neat idea, but there was nothing that compelled me to use it.

That is until Jason offered cash to do the same thing for Netscape that I already loved doing for Digg. Like many people, initially I was unimpressed with the offer. I perceived it as AOL trying to buy themselves a community. However, after sleeping on it I came to realize it is a natural progression. It always makes sense to compensate people for generating value. It makes it easier for them to continue generating value. It is that simple.

So I ended up pursuing the offer. As a result, I am now being paid for my social bookmarking services on Netscape. The reaction to this has been interesting to watch. Many people have cried “sell-out” and “traitor” on digg comment threads. My email inbox has also been pummeled with congratulatory messages and well-wishes from fellow diggers.

Meanwhile, countless diggers have come looking for me and my submissions on Netscape. Many of them have told me that since wayjer, dirtyfratboy and myself started submitting to Netscape, they started using Netscape as well as Digg.

I hope that paying social bookmarkers becomes common-place in the future and I am going to do everything I can to see that that happens.

You can catch me on Netscape as Neophile and on Digg as BloodJunkie.