Telegraph Interview Unedited

Recently, I was interviewed by Ian Douglas of With Ian’s permission, I thought it might be interesting to some to read the full unedited text of the interview that contributed to the article. Enjoy.

Ian: Had you seen the new before the offer was made? What did you think?

Derek: I had used Netscape sporadically since they launched the new version. Like many people, at first I thought it was just a digg-clone. After having used it heavily for a week and getting to know how it differs from digg, I am very impressed with the direction they are taking with it and I am convinced it has the potential to be more relevant to more people than digg in the business of news aggregation. Comparing the front pages of Netscape and Digg at any time of the day reaffirms that assertion.

Ian: Do you exclusively post for Netscape now?

Derek: I have personally decided to focus on Netscape for the foreseeable future. This is just the result of my being very busy nowadays. I still check in with digg on a daily basis and digg a couple of stories, but I have stopped submitting content there. Hopefully when my load is a little lighter, I will have time to contribute to both Netscape and Digg.

Ian: You’re far from being the only one who accepted Jason Calcanis’s offer, would you have gone alone?

Derek: I have been told I was the first to accept the offer. I definitely would have gone alone (though I doubt that situation was ever a possibility). The networking opportunities are too hard to pass up and who doesn’t like getting paid to do something they enjoy?

Ian: Did you discuss your decision with anyone before you signed up? Did you have to sign up or is it a freelance arrangement? What, if any, conditions were imposed on your other online activities?

Derek: I discussed the decision with friends, colleagues and other top digg users. All agreed that it would be a good move. It is a freelance position.

Ian: Comments I’ve seen around the web have been largely supportive of you (and Dirtyfratboy and the others) taking the jobs, do you think the support will be translated into traffic for Netscape?

Derek: I know for a fact that it has already translated into traffic for Netscape. I cannot speak for dirtyfratboy and wayjer, but many digg users have come looking for me and my submissions to Netscape since I started submitting there. Several of whom have told me they have started using both sites equally since we made this move.

Ian: There has been the odd nasty remark, how did they make you feel?

Derek: I have always promoted positive contribution to digg and communities in general and so I tend to disregard people who flame. I must admit though, the word “traitor” made me stop and consider just how much allegiance people are willing to give (or expect others to give) to a website or a brand. The nasty remarks pale in comparison to the overflowing inbox of emails wishing me well and congratulating me on this new endeavour.

Ian: I like the new name (lover of the new), are you trying to break with the old BloodJunkie identity?

Derek: Thanks! I am not trying to break with the old handle. I just decided that a fresh start on a new website warranted going with something a little less stand-off-ish this time around.

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