Netscape Widget WordPress Plugin

Netscape has a very handy JavaScript widget for publishers to put in their content. The widget checks if your content has been submitted to Netscape. If it hasn’t been submitted, a submit button is placed on your page as shown below:


submit.gifIf it has already been submitted, it displays the number of votes and comments, with a button that lets your users vote up the story without even leaving your page. Shown below:

voteup.gifI’ve created a WordPress plugin which makes it very easy for anyone running a WordPress blog to integrate this functionality. Just follow these instructions and the buttons will be placed on all of your posts automatically:1. Download it here.2. Unzip and place netscape-widget.php in your \wp-content\plugins directory.


3. Activate the plugin in the Plugin Manager in your WordPress Dashboard.

4. Place the following php script in your theme anywhere within the Single Post file: <?php nw_scapeThis(); ?>

When you’re done, your content will have a direct pipeline into Netscape just like the one below.

UPDATE: If you would like to put this widget on one of your pages but you do not have a WordPress blog, you still can. To put it on any page, just add the following script tag:

<script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript” xsrc=””></script>

Make sure the src attribute doesn’t have the line-break in it and replace with the URL of your page you are putting it on.