Socially Driving Content for Charity

iBegin Toronto is a socially driven local search engine. This means that it is a search engine for local places (stores, restaurants, bars, etc.) where all of the listings are user-contributed. Users can contribute reviews and pictures of local destinations. Currently it services the Toronto area.

I’m very excited to spread the word that iBegin has decided to contribute $0.50 to charity for each review and each picture that is contributed to their site. They have chosen the Assaulted Women’s Hotline as the beneficiary of this generous move.

The donation drive lasts between August 28, 2006 (today) and October 15, 2006. So if you’re out and about in the city, snap some pictures of the local destinations in your area. Sign up, post a review and some pictures. Lets see how much money we can raise. This is a great opportunity to put our drive to contribute content towards a good cause.

More details are available here. Also read over the philosophy of iBegin as well.

Courtesy iBegin Blog