Digg’s Top User Says Goodbye

Mark this day on your calendar, folks. This is the day when the division between Digg’s top 100 users and the other 499,900 users was pushed far enough for Kevin Rose to actually weigh in on the issue. The result? User p9s50W5k4GUD2c6 has said goodbye to Digg. In a comment on a submission by Kevin Rose, he had this to say:

Dear Mr. Rose: So all of a sudden, my use of the BUILT-IN functionality of Digg amounts to gaming?

I ignored Digg’s ice-cold level of support during the Netscape transition. Instead I stayed with Digg – for nothing.
I ignored Jay’s jack-ass condescending T-Shirt comment.
I ignored the misbegotten algorithm you all put in place shortly after that that made it MISERABLY hard for any user to get to the front page (which is a big factor in this whole issue)
I overlooked all the red ink about I/we were FOOLS to digg so hard for you – the 60 Million Dollar Man.
I overlooked the Trademark fiasco and the treatment of Digg’s users
I overlooked this: http://digg.com/music/EMI_in_free_music_downloads_deal and
But I will NOT overlook your tacit equation of BUSTING MY ASS for Digg with gaming.

As a direct result of your blog this evening. I will no longer no supporting Digg going forward. I bequeath my measly number one position to whoever wants to reign.

And for all of you that do nothing but bitch about your being PREVENTED from getting your stories dugg – here’s your chance! Now YOU can spend all the time, all the effort and get stabbed in the back by fellow Diggers (aptly named) and then tossed to the side by a Digg team that values toilet paper with more worth than the core users that feed this site it’s content every day.

I believe you to be a good man, Kevin. Well intentioned or not: your blog satisfied malcontents equipped with baseless allegations while you effectively urinated on your top diggers (correction: top gamers). I wish you well. I will be turning over the Digg Users Support Group to someone else.

To my many friends – I will miss you.

P9 is the top-ranked recently active user on Digg. To date, he has submitted 1,334 stories to Digg and a whopping 50% of those have been promoted (668 to be exact). He has also logged 1,113 comments in the 7 months since registering on Digg. In short, P9 was a top-notch contributor. I have nothing but great things to say about him. He has done a great job cultivating the community and contributing every kind of memorable, useful, interesting and amusing content you can imagine. This is Digg’s loss.