I’ve been tagged… Five things you don’t know about me.

Chris Finke tagged me, and I wont rest until I think of a way to make him regret it…

In the meantime, here are 5 things that you probably don’t know about me:

1. I worked for a summer in a pesticide/fertilizer plant, where employees whiled away the hours tossing snow-ball-sized bags of dry rat poison at each other and crying “rat poison fight!” It was not the least rewarding job I’ve ever had.

2. I sometimes eat uncooked pasta as a snack. That stuff is like popcorn to me. The shell pasta is the tastiest.

3. Dr. Who plagued my nightmares as a child after being exposed to it at a young age. Specifically, this guy wreaked havoc on my impressionable mind. To this day I am still hesitant to partake in what I understand is some brilliant sci-fi.

4. I got my first taste of programming when I was 5. My parents gave me a children’s BASIC programming book which taught me how to write a program on my Atari 1200XL that I could use to budget my allowance, etc. I still have the book.

5. I hate computers, but love the internet.

So far, the steps of this demonic dance of blog-shame go like this: me » Chris Finke » C.K. Sample » Jason Calacanis » Amanda Congdon » Michael Ambs » Rick Rey » Steve Woolf » Steve Garfield » Jeff Pulver.

And now to spread it. Roy, Tanner, Dave, Stacy, and Corey: tag!