Desperately Seeking Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.5

After reading this review for my newest lens, Canon’s EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS, I was intrigued. The author mentioned that Canon’s RAW processing software, Digital Photo Professional (DPP), had the ability to correct lens distortion and chromatic aberration… two features I have been dying for, but are not in any version of DPP that I knew of.

It turns out that that is because a new version of DPP (version 3.5) has shipped but is only available with Canon’s new EOS 50D DSLRs. They haven’t put it on their website for download yet.

Lucky for us, it appears some generous person in Taiwan has posted the installer for DPP 3.5 on Rapidshare. I downloaded it, installed it and it works great. No more lens distortion or chromatic aberration for me!

Download it here (63 Mb). Sorry Mac fans, it’s Windows-only.