WP SUP: A WordPress Plugin for FriendFeed’s Simple Update Protocol

Wouldn’t it be nice if you published a post to your blog and within seconds it showed up on FriendFeed?

After reading about FriendFeed’s proposed Simple Update Protocol (SUP) earlier today, the idea of all of the WordPress blogs around the world publishing near-instantaneous updates to FriendFeed grew too delicious to pass up. So I have created a plugin for WordPress that will assist with that.

WP SUP is a plugin that adds the SUP-ID HTTP header to your blog’s feeds and pings FriendFeed’s public SUP feed when you publish a post.

During testing posts were showing up on FriendFeed within about 10 seconds of being published.

This is my first WordPress plugin, so brutally honest feedback is definitely appreciated.

Download it here: (zip)

Installation instructions and other info are here.