We Started an iPhone Game Dev Company – Get Set Games

Get Set Games' First iPhone Game, Running on the iPhone

I’m happy and excited to announce that along with 4 friends, I have started a game development company called Get Set Games. We are going to be focusing on the iPhone platform to begin with, which I have been dying to develop for since I first laid eyes on it.

The 5 of us have worked together for years in various ways and participated in every TOJam event as well as this year’s record-setting Global Game Jam. You may remember us as Team Awesomo. It is the spirit of game jams that we intend to focus into iPhone game development. “If we can do Flock U in little more than 30 hours, imagine what we could do with with 60.”

We are already well under way on our first project, seen above. Stay tuned to the Get Set Games site for the latest developments on our developments.

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