Weekly Photo #5: Water

Week #5 Project - Water 2

I should have taken a picture of the rig I set up to do these shots. I used an aluminum lasagna pan with a pool of water in it to catch the water droplets. Then I hung a plastic bag filled with water above it by clamping the bag to a piece of spare wood that was secured to a wooden stool.

I had the camera on a tripod and set to Manual mode. After pricking the bag of water, I focused the camera on the spot the water was landing by placing a knife in the spot and auto-focusing. Then I switched the lens to manual focus mode and also disabled image-stabilization. I would have liked to have a speed-light to do this, but I had to settle for my camera’s built in flash.

Once I was done, I fiddled with the white-balance to add the blue tint.

Week #5 Project - Water 1

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